Super Charge your Self Confidence in 7 Creative Weeks

Self Doubt Busting, Confidence Boosting, Creative Spectacular | taught by Sandra Owen
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Many people want to change some area of their life, but lack the imagination or confidence to take the first important step.

Here is your chance to reignite and reconnect with your imagination and boost your Self Confidence while having fun as you turn trash into treasure, challenge your perception and open your mind to possibility. No previous experience is necessary.

We learn by doing. This hands on creative course is helping people just like you believe in themselves and their own abilities again.

Creatively incorporating the 5 Ways to Well-Being, this Creative Self Discovery Course is helping people just like you find their own answers to their own questions. No one can tell you what to do. You know the solution. You just need to give yourself time and space to listen.

1. Learn Something New: Boost self confidence and self belief as you discover and reconnect with your imagination through fun creative projects that explore the Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, and open your mind to your own potential.

2. Mindfulness: With weekly Meditation Mandalas to colour, spend 10-15 minutes daily in quiet contemplation, plus weekly Reflective Questionnaires that stimulate thought about yourself, what you want, what is holding you back and how to help yourself move forward.

3. Giving: Open the flow of loving energy by giving some of your creative projects to friends and family. There is nothing quite like receiving a handmade gift from someone you love. Give and receive ideas and inspiration from others.

4. Connect with Others: Share and connect with others through the community discussion area and also through the course Facebook Group page. Do you have creative friends? Why not invite them round and create together. It inspires conversation and connection in an easy, gentle way.

5. Physical Activity: Creative Art involves gentle physical activity that produces feel good hormones. As you gain in Self Confidence you will be more inspired to even more healthy activity and improve all areas of your life.

Take time to nourish yourself and be in the moment through creative art. Give your heart a chance to be heard. The only person who can give you real clarity about what is right for you is you.

This course has proven so amazingly beneficial to my personal clients that I wanted to make it available to those who live too far away to attend in person. Clients facing all manner of issues from bereavement, stress, anxiety, loneliness and feeling stuck with no direction in life.

100% of course members experienced the benefits of taking some 'creative me time' for themselves. When you think you 'don't have time' is exactly when you need it most. One of the greatest gifts you can give yourself is time to think, listen and refocus your mind.

Read a couple of the Personal Testimonials from recent clients:

"This is by far the best ever course. I have enjoyed every moment. Sandra is such an inspiration and I would recommend it to everyone. Worth every penny." Pauline (Rating 5/5 stars)

"Excellent course! Fun, Thought Provoking and Life Changing! Sandra is an excellent teacher and mentor. Thank you Sandra." Lesley (Rating 5/5 stars)

"I loved the course. It helped me rethink the way I approach my quiet time and I discovered that my inner child still exists." Lorna (Rating 5/5 stars)

You'll receive demonstration videos each week along with both PDF and Audio files of the course notes to help you make the creative projects and understand the deeper meanings they were chosen to illustrate.

There are bonus projects that encourage communication and listening skills, creative thinking exercises and personal journalling prompted by Reflective Questionnaires. Achieve more than you thought possible, amaze family and friends with your creative prowess, add to your workbook weekly and have fun exploring your thoughts and feelings through personal journalling.

Self Discovery is a journey. Reconnect with your Creative Side and rediscover as you creatively open your heart and mind to your strengths and natural gifts. Imagination is the key to your life, creative mindfulness turn the key.

More personal experiences from previous course members:

“It was like opening my head up and installing a load of new software. So now I’m unstoppable! I can do anything. It’s Fantastic!”

“It went on a much deeper level than I was expecting. It gave me time to truly slow down. I felt calm and I felt peaceful. That came across into other aspects of my life.”

“I would definitely recommend this course to everybody. It freed me from limiting beliefs and opened my mind to opportunities and new ideas.

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Sandra Owen
Sandra Owen
Course Creator

Sandra lives in Shropshire, England, UK. She has a BA (hons) degree in Music and the Certificate of Teaching with the Associated Board of the Royal School of Music (CT ABRSM). She has over 23 years teaching experience in private and local authority education as a visiting peripatetic woodwind tutor.

Sandra is a Grief Recovery Specialist with the The Grief Recovery Method® enabling her to offer you further emotional healing support. The Grief Recovery Method is a separate course which must be done on a face to face basis. Please check out the Grief Recovery Method website for more information on this powerful programme.

Mentoring people all over the world as a Master Guide for the Master Key Experience Course (created by Mark Januszewski), Sandra has a wealth of knowledge and understanding in metaphysical teachings and personal Self Discovery.

Sandra left her teaching position as a highly respected woodwind tutor at Stafford Grammar School in 2013 to pursue new avenues of teaching. Her creative personal development courses are proving to be life changing experiences for all those who have taken them. She continues to go from strength to strength, offering a range of introductory workshops, a regular creativity group for past course members who did not want to stop the fun, and a 12 month Creativity Rocket programme to enable you to achieve your goals.

“I had no idea in 2013 where my journey would take me, I just knew it was very important to follow my heart. The seeds have grown and developed tremendously over the last few years as a result of my own personal research, study and mentoring. I became very conscious that so many people struggled with confidence and self doubt, which is often related to emotional issues and negative beliefs. Many experience these set backs due to unresolved grief, and so I also trained as a Grief Recovery Specialist using the Grief Recovery Method® in order to also be able to offer further support where needed.

As young children we are innately creative, imaginative and curious; nothing feels impossible. However, many are not encouraged to use their creative minds as they grow older, and so as adults struggle to imagine a different life for themselves and feel stuck, frustrated and demoralized.

I believe our imagination is the foundation stone of life, and by using it correctly we can create the life we want. I love helping people reignite their creative imagination, reconnect with their ‘inner child’ and change the way they look at things using my natural skills and life experiences. It’s all about perception.”

With Best Wishes,

Sandra x

Contact Sandra Owen at or call +44 (0) 781 361 2955

Course Curriculum

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Preparation Video (The Gifted Life Course is now called 'Super Charge your Self Confidence in 7 Creative Weeks)
Preparation Notes
Course Materials Quick Review Check List
Tools and Materials Images For Easy Reference
Week 1&2 Project Templates
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Week 1 Potential
Week 1 Course Notes PDF
Week 1 Audio Course Notes
Can Coloring Mandalas Reduce Anxiety Study
Week 1&2 Project Templates
Fantasy Peacock Step 1
Fantasy Peacock Step 2
Faux Glass Flower
Tree of Change
Week 1 Creative Community
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Week 2 Giving & Receiving
Week 2 Course Notes PDF
Week 2 Audio Course Notes
Wall Hanging Step 1
Wall Hanging Step 2
Treasure Box Step 1
Treasure Box Step 2
Treasure Box 3a Strawberry
Treasure Box Step 3b Blackberry
Week 2 Creative Community
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Week 3 Cause & Effect
Week 3 PDF Course Notes
Week 3 Audio Course Notes
Multi Media Canvas
Water Colour Mayhem
Week 3 Creative Community
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Week 4 Least Effort
Week 4 PDF Course Notes
Week 4 Audio Course Notes
Beautiful Rose Spray Step 1
Beautiful Rose Spray Step 2
Week 4 Creative Community
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Week 5 Intention, Attention & Desire
Week 5 PDF Course Notes
Week 5 Audio Course Notes
Tea Light Step 1
Tea Light Step 2
Week 5 Creative Community
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Week 6 Detachment
Week 6 PDF Course Notes
Week 6 Audio Course Notes
Macrame Plant Holder Step 1
Macrame Plant Holder Step 2
Pickled People Faces
Week 6 Creative Community
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Week 7 Purpose
Week 7 PDF Course Notes
Week 7 Audio Course Notes
Use your Imagination
Week 7 Creative Community
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